New Novel - True Friends

I'm pleased to announce that I have a new short novel for sale, True Friends. It's not science fiction or fantasy, tho' it does feature SF/F fans. It was inspired by some experiences and lessons from high school and just after. Here's what it's about:

It’s the fall of 1983. David Chalmers is a high school senior who hangs around with a group of fellow science-fiction fans, but feels few attachments to them. Alison Hughes runs with the popular crowd, but she’s as smart as she is pretty, and wonders if they’re becoming predictable.

Over the course of a few weeks events will cause David and Alison to think about what it means to be friends. Are friends just people you spend time with? What does it mean when you’re someone’s friend? Why should any of that be important?

It's in ebook form only; here's where you can get it:

Amazon Kindle Store


B&N Nook Store

I hope you'll get a copy, and that you enjoy it.

I've got a busy schedule for the fall, so there will be lots of posts about my events. I'll insert an extra item or two when there's a quiet week. See you on the road!

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