Event Reports - Glitch Con & Whitewater Book Talk

Over the weekend of September 9-11, I attended Glitch Con in Bentonville, Arkansas. I didn't sell very many books there, but it seemed as though attendance was good. I did meet plenty of people, and saw some I hadn't seen in a while. In fact I was meeting people right up to the start of closing ceremonies! Overall I had a good time, and I'd like to go back if they do it again next year.

Then, on Tuesday the 13th, I spoke about Kansas 1874 at the Whitewater library (which is just up the road from where I am, Andover). There were about a dozen in attendance. I answered questions about the book and about self publishing. I also sold some books.

The most interesting aspect of my visit was that I learned that the library has a Nook that they're lending out. This means their patrons can read ebooks without having a reader of their own. This is an interesting idea. I hope that other libraries will consider it as one way to keep open in this new digital age.

Next week, I should have a report on the 2011 Frisco convention.

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  1. The library in the next county from me lends ebooks! How cool is that? My own does not. I'm still trying to convince them to use Facebook to post events. *Le Sigh*

    Thanks again for contributing to the Trick or Treat Bash. Here's hoping one of your readers is the lucky winner of the Kindle I'm giving away.