Event Report - Rose Hill book talk

On Saturday August 27 I spoke about Kansas 1874 at the Rose Hill Public Library.

This was the second time I appeared at the library. At the previous talk I spoke at the south end of the library. Since then the library had finished the north end into an area slightly separate from where the books are. I like the arrangement; it kept my talk from distracting and being distracted by ordinary library patrons.

About a dozen people came out to hear me speak. There were some interesting questions. One of the points that arose was how so many of Kansas' early writers were newspaper editors, rather than fiction or nonfiction authors. While these newspapermen were very talented wordsmiths, they aren't as remembered today as they might be if they had written books.

Someone asked how much books cost back then. I recalled that even in the one notice in the Wichita Eagle for Joseph McCoy's book on the cattle trade, no price was given. I wonder how questions like that, about ordinary life today, will get answered in the future. Will future historians know, or will they like we just have to guess?

I plan to have a new short novel out this week. I'll post the information next time.

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