Event Report - 2011 Frisco Convention

On Saturday, Sept. 17, I attended the convention put on by members of the Frisco Railroad Forum. The convention has moved in the three years it's been put on. This year it was held in Springfield, MO, the city that for years was where the Frisco was headquartered.

The convention itself was held at Frisco Crossing. This used to be a Frisco administrative building. It how houses offices, a restaurant, and a meeting room. The main events at the convention were presentations, door prize drawings, and a few vendors. I was able to sell several books, and some extra stuff I had brought with me. I was too tired to take part in either of the afternoon tours, however.

There's been no decision on where to hold next year's convention. Wichita is in the running. If Wichita gets it I might go back, but when is just as big a factor for me as where.

My event schedule will be quiet for a couple of weeks, so I'll have to think up some new topics to post about. I should have another post later this week, on a new book giveaway.

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