Writing Stats for February 2018

Here's the next post about how much I'm writing this year.

Earlier this month I diverted away from the sci-fi book I was working on. I said at the time that I was going to "tinker" with an old project. I finished "tinkering" at the end of the month, and turned it from a 44,000-word short novel into a 77,000 proper novel.

I did lose some time to errands and such, but overall February felt pretty good. I wrote 177 pages in the month. That's just one page over what I would have written had I met my session goals.

Also in February I took care of the proof for the next print book in the Defender series. I'll be dealing with another proof in March. That means one more print book will come out this month, then a print book and an ebook next month.

After a break I'm going to finish up that sci-fi book I hit "pause" on. We'll see if I'm still working on it this time next month. Here's hoping for more good numbers!

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