Writing Stats for June 2017

Here is the latest update about how much I'm writing this year.

I plotted out some stories and, on June 12, I got back to writing. Over the rest of the month I wrote 115 pages. That's only a dozen pages shy of what I could have done if I'd met all my session goals during that time. The main reason why I didn't was that I also had to proof another book so it would be ready to be released. Stay tuned for that news next week.

Aside from the story I'm writing, I have three more plotted out. Two are in the universe of this current story. The other will return me to the "Jake Bonner 'verse," though not with Jake himself. As it happens, plotting out that story might allow me to salvage another work I'd written and set aside.

If all goes well, I should have some good writing months ahead of me. Here's hoping!

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