Writing Stats for November 2016

Here's the latest update on how much I'm writing this year.

November was an odd month for me. I had two local cons that took me away from writing. After the first con, I came down with con crud, and lost a week. That said, when I was writing, I was writing quite a lot.

All that means I wrote 145 pages in November. Without all the lost days, if I'd kept to my goals, I would have written 184 pages, so I'm pleased with how the month turned out. And for those of you who did NaNo this past month, I wrote roughly 36,000 words, about 10K off what I could have completed.

I'm almost done with the story I've been working on this month. I have an idea of what to write next, but I need to tweak it to make sure it's substantial enough. The holidays might also get in the way, so I'll just have to see how I close out the year.

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