Pioneer Memorial Library Book Festival

On Saturday, September 14, I attended a book festival held at the Pioneer Memorial Library in Colby, Kansas.

I left on Thursday the 12th to visit some libraries beforehand. It rained all day, and one of the people I needed to see was out. I did place a few extra books at Kansas Originals, and there's a chance I might get a book talk next year from one of that day's visits. I stayed overnight in Hays.

The next day, Friday the 13th, I spent some time in the morning writing before leaving for the day's visits. I placed some books at the Fick Fossil Museum in Oakley, sold a book to one library, and got to a couple more places. Once I got to my hotel in Colby that afternoon, I did some more writing.

I was one of several Kansas authors attending the festival on Saturday. Not very many people came to the festival, which was sad. The library bought several of my titles, and I sold a few other books, so the day was okay for me. I went to a local Chinese place for dinner afterward. This was the fortune in my fortune cookie: Good books are friends who are always ready to talk to us. I'm going to hang onto that for a bit.

I don't have anything on the calendar until Encounters, but I will have one or two new titles out between now and then.

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