Event Report - A Talk & a Signing

On Thursday, October 4, I had a book talk at the Raven book store in Lawrence. I was there to promote Kansas, 1874. A handful of people came out, so that was good. I ended up talking about my railroad books, Jim Lane, and the state of publishing, along with the 1874 book. Everyone who showed up bought a book, so, yay!

Then on Saturday, October 6, I did a signing at Ad Astra Books in Salina. No one came to see me, but one of the guys working bought a book, and I had a nice chat about books and publishing with the other young man working that day.

I took roundabout roads to get to Lawrence on the 4th and back home on the 5th. On the way up I passed through White City. I had no idea the town had a park named for the Katy railroad. They have an old boxcar that appears to be some sort of museum. It was one of the cool finds on that trip.

I've got about a week and a half of quiet before the next event. Next week I'll post about the latest short stories to have gone up as ebooks. Until then, take care and happy reading!

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