Event Report - The Kansas Book Festival

On Saturday, September 15, I went to the Kansas Book Festival in Topeka. I shared a table with another Kansas author, Tom Mach.

I was able to sell just 4 books at the Festival. However, I did meet quite a few people, including several authors. I noticed there were lots of children attending, so not having any children's books might account for my low sales.

It was a fun event. In spite of the few books I sold, I would be happy to go back next year. It's important for authors and readers to support events like this.

This trip was also a chance for me to put some extra miles on my car. On the way up Friday, I drove along the Native Stone Scenic Byway. I wasn't able to take any pictures along the byway, but the trip was worth it. On the way home Sunday, I decided to take US-75 to US-400. There were low clouds all morning, and I hit a few patches of fog, so no pictures.

Here's the neat thing about Sunday. Driving the leg from Topeka to Neodesha now means I've traveled the whole length of US-75 in Kansas. Now that I think of it, I've driven US-75 (in varying stretches) from Omaha to Tulsa. I've now covered the following highways in their entirety in Kansas: I-35; US-75; K-177; K-254; K-17; and K-196. I have a few miles left to cover for US-77 and US-81, and quite a bit more for several other highways.

Check the schedule: I've just added a book talk next week at the Museum of World Treasures in Wichita. It's going to be a busy autumn!


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