The War Scam!

Another story involving Jake Bonner, The War Scam, is now for sale! Here's what it's about:

Jake Bonner, the hero of Expert Assistance, Haven, and Janitorial Service, is back in this new short novel.

The richest men in known space are gathering together, just as several colony worlds are creating an interstellar alliance. Something’s up, and Jake’s asked to find out what that is. He calls in favors from his friends from past adventures to get to the bottom of what those wealthy men are planning.

Jake’s going to need his wits, his cool ship, and his pals to pull off the greatest scam in galactic history. Can they do it, and with style and snark?

The book is for sale in print and as an ebook. Check the Jake Bonner page for store links.

By the way, Expert Assistance is now FREE as an ebook at Smashwords and a few other retailers, so you have until at least the end of the year to check out the first Jake Bonner tale (or you can read the whole novel at Wattpad).

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