Lisa's Adventures!

The third Lisa Herbert book, Lisa's Adventures, is now out. It's a short story collection, and here's the blurb:

This collection assembles 6 short stories featuring Lisa Herbert, the title character of the novels Lisa’s Way and Lisa’s War. The first 4 stories take place between the novels; the other 2 take place after the events of Lisa’s War. These stories see Lisa going to new worlds and taking on new responsibilities as she helps rebuild interstellar society.

Also included in this books are a pair of short stories from the original vision of Lisa Herbert, when her adventures were confined to post-collapse Earth. Author Robert Collins wrote a few words about those stories to let you know more about his first vision of Lisa’s life and how that vision changed.

The collection is in print and ebook editions. It's available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple's iBookstore, and Smashwords. I have two more books in the series; one will be out by the end of this year, and the other early next year.

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