SoonerCon 22

Over the weekend of June 28-30 I attended SoonerCon 22 in Oklahoma City.

I had a table in the Artist Alley, which this year was in front of the Dealer Room in the center of a conference center. This meant that people had to get around us to get to the Dealer Room, but also to the Art Show room and a theater. Also, we were in sight of Registration, and there was only one way into the con.

I did decently, selling 20 books over the weekend. That was up from 13 the year before. I'm sure having more books available is helping. I brought with me about 3 dozen of my brochures. I gave all of them away, and probably could have handed out half a dozen to a dozen more. Towards the end of the con on Sunday, I even gave out my table sign!

Once again I didn't sign up for any panels. Because of the hours of the Artist Alley and the Dealer Room, I wasn't able to make opening or closing ceremonies. I did meet a few new people at the con, and saw some familiar faces. I wish I could have gotten to more events, but the con ran me a bit ragged, and I was just getting over whatever had given me sinus trouble the last month.

This year SoonerCon was held in the Reed Conference Center, next to a Sheraton Hotel. I parked in front of the hotel, so I had a bit of a walk setting up and tearing down. My room was okay, though cool during the weekend because when I arrived the AC had been set pretty low. Parking was free; hurrah!

On the way back I chose to hop off I-35 at the Tonkawa exit. There I picked up US-77, and stayed on it through Ponca City and into Kansas. That now means I've driven along US-77 from Tonkawa, Oklahoma to Lincoln, Nebraska. That's another highway across Kansas I can check off my list.

I may have another book out this month, and I do have a book talk in a few weeks. Until then, take care and keep reading!

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