The Opposite of Absolute

I have a new fantasy novel out, The Opposite of Absolute. Here's what it's about:

John Ewert is one of a handful of survivors of a mysterious plague that kills off most of humanity. Strangely, the plague leaves those survivors with magical powers.

One group of survivors gather around a man named Gabe in Ames, Iowa. They believe The End Times are at hand, and they will be the heroes of Revelations. Others follow a woman named Lucy to Dallas. She tells them they’re going to fight and win the final battle of the haves against the have-nots.

As what seems to be the last of humanity goes to war, John wonders, “Is this the apocalypse, or just an incredible simulation?”

The novel is in print ($8.00) and ebook ($2.99) editions. Here's where you can find it (for now):


Happy Holidays!

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