Event Report - McPherson signing & 2012 wrap-up

On Saturday, November 24, (yes, the Saturday after Thanksgiving), I went up to McPherson to do a book signing at the Bookshelf. I was there with several other authors.

It was a fun morning. I chatted with two of the authors there about book promotion. I sold a handful of copies of my nonfiction books. The store took a few more for their stock. I had a proof copy of my next nonfiction book, Kansas County Seat Conflicts. Everyone who saw it was interested in it. The store's owner was able to find the section on McPherson County, and I told her that I was able to find out about the rumor about an attempt to renew the county seat question there in the 1880s. (It was something locals had heard about, but no one knew anything for certain about it.)

This was my last book event for 2012. Over this past year I attended 5 SF cons; had 8 book talks or signings; and attended book festivals in Hutchinson and Topeka. I traveled quite a bit in eastern and central Kansas, and went to Lincoln, Omaha, and Oklahoma City. I met many people, and overall had a good time at all my events.

Next year promises to be busier than 2012. I expect to do more book talks because of Kansas County Seat Conflicts. I would like to get to one or two more cons next year; we'll see how that works out. Looking ahead, I plan to continue promoting KCSC through 2014. At that point I think my nonfiction writing career will go on hold so I can shift more of my energy to SF/F.

There should be one or two more posts this year, as I have two more fantasy books I plan to release. Things might be quiet the first couple months of next year, but I have more SF/F works I intend to put out early in the new year.

Until then, take care & keep in touch!

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