Event Report - Book Signing in Wellington

On Saturday, November 3, I did a signing at Slate Creek Books in Wellington.

A handful of people showed up, and they bought a handful of books, so that was good. I talked to the owners of the store about some of the area SF cons, and a few other topics like Wattpad. During the few quiet moments I did some editing on a Jake Bonner novella. It was a three-hour signing, but the time really flew by. I expect to do another signing there after Kansas County Seat Conflicts is published.

I didn't take the direct route to Wellington on the way down. I used this event as a chance to head back through southern Sumner County. I had been throughout the county back in the early 1990s when I had been publishing my Touring Kansas Counties books.

On this trip I drove through South Haven and Caldwell before going to Wellington. South Haven seems smaller than I remembered. Caldwell is looking good. The downtown buildings are being kept up. There are still historical signs around town. I noticed that the Border Queen Museum was in a different building than where it had first started 20 years ago.

That pre-signing side trip also meant that I've added another highway to the list of routes I've covered. I have now driven along US-81 from Caldwell to the Nebraska border. I am, slowly but steadily, driving across the length and breadth of Kansas once again.

As you can see, I have one more book event on the calendar for this year. The next two posts here will be about the latest books I have out, then I'll post a report about that last signing of 2012. Until then, take care!

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