The Jake Bonner 'verse

Here are the books in the Jake Bonner 'verse -

To get out of debt, spacer Jake Bonner takes on two odd jobs. The first, chauffeur pop star Evvie Martini on her tour; the second, helping Daniel and Clarissa Rosen overthrow their planet’s tyrannical ruler. Unfortunately for Jake, Evvie finds out about his second assignment and, hoping to advance her career, invites herself to the revolution.


Jake Bonner travels space with his cool ship and its witty A.I. Odin. Unfortunately, space is full of people who need help, whether it’s clueless pop stars, craven criminals, or androids looking to remain anonymous. But there are wealthy fools to foil, and sometimes the pay is good, so Jake carries on. This ebook volume contains the whole series, including the novellas and short stories.


The three novellas featuring Jake Bonner (Expert Assistance) have been available for some time now. However, they’ve only been available as separate volumes. Now all three, “Heroes Eat Well,” “Janitorial Service,” and “Haven” are together in one volume.

This collection contains nine short stories featuring Jake Bonner, the hero of Expert Assistance, Haven, and Janitorial Assistance. Jake has to use his wits, his cool ship, and his knowledge of pop culture to solve the problems in these stories. Can he survive such a mad galaxy?

Jake Bonner, the hero of Expert Assistance is back!
The richest men in space are gathering together, just as several colony worlds are creating an alliance. Something’s up, and Jake’s asked to find out what that is. He calls in favors from his friends from past adventures to get to the bottom of the scheme.

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