Author Extravaganza 2013

On Saturday, June 15, I went to Emporia to take part in the Author Extravaganza put on at Town Crier Books in Emporia. This was the first time I was able to make it in a couple of years.

This time around I was seated with some other SF/F authors. None of my books sold at the event, though the store did restock my nonfiction titles. It was good to see the authors there, but also to see a few readers who were interested in SF/F. I mentioned the upcoming cons to the authors, so I'm hoping to see some of them again this year.

While I was there I found out about a book festival in northwest Kansas. I'm putting in for a table for it. The trip out will give me some time to hit some libraries and museums in that area with Kansas County Seat Conflicts. I worried about having to make a special trip at some point to visit those places; now I won't have to.

Not much else to say, really, so I'll sign off for now.

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  1. It was rather troubling, the lack of sales (I think I only sold one copy of Friends in Deed that the store already had). But I think most people that were coming in were heading straight for the author selling the true-murder book at the end of the horseshoe.


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