The Hub Trilogy 1

I’m releasing all three books in this trilogy this month; here is the first:

The races and domains have created the town of Hub as a place for them to negotiate with each other. Hub sits on the border of the Elven Holding and the human Kingdom of Flint Plains.

Duncan, a scribe from the human Kingdom of Salt Bay, comes to Hub to get permission to visit the Holding. His purpose is to learn more about the lands across the sea west of Salt Bay. This simple mission will have consequences for the wider world. It marks the dawn of efforts by most domains to help each other.

But building peace is not on everyone’s mind. The Goblin Empire seeks to use the calm to undermine the other domains. Yet connections are being made and found between humans, elves, and dwarves. History is still being written. Who knows where the tale will go?

All three are on sale now!

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