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Empire Breaker

Nonya is the daughter of the king of Cunarra, one of the many lands ruled by the Great King of Usaru. Nonya is to marry the youngest son of the Great King.

Marriage will take Nonya from her home in Cunarra to the seat of the Usaru Empire and another kingdom in the Empire, the coastal land of Poneclia. Marriage will also give her close relationships with spell-casting magisters and foreign scribes. It will also plunge her into the politics of the Usaru Empire.

What happens when the sons of the Great King come into conflict? What will Nonya do to survive such turmoil?

Empire Breaker is now available. Here are the stores where you can get it:
Amazon     Smashwords     Apple Books     Kobo     B&N     Google Play

This is the first of five new books I'll be putting out this year. Keep checking back as these books go live!

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