More Collections Consolidated

The consolidation of my short story collections has concluded. First up is the fantasy collection, Elsewhere Stories:

This collection of fantasy stories contains tales of magic and might, as well as tales of invention and compassion. Also part of this collection are two novellas, one expressing concern for the future of the land while other portrays hope for another.

These stories have been previous published in magazines and in self-published collections, as have both novellas. All are gathered in a single volume for the first time.

Next is the science fiction collection, Tomorrow's Stories:

This collection contains two dozen science fiction short stories. They show hope, fear, hard work, and compelling characters. These stories have appeared in a variety of publications over almost 20 years.

Also included in this collection is the novella “A Story from Richland.” A stranger appears in Richland on the planet of Ogallah, wanting to make the village his home. He’s willing to integrate into his new community, but unwilling to talk about his past. Will the Mayor of this little town learn anything about the new resident?

Both these collections are available in print and ebook editions. For store links, check the SF/F Books page.

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