Fixer Jake

As with the trend this year, I've consolidated another series, but this time into separate print and ebook volumes. First is Fixer Jake:

The three novellas featuring Jake Bonner (Expert Assistance) have been available for some time now. However, they’ve only been available as separate volumes. Now all three, Heroes Eat Well, Janitorial Service, and Haven are together in one volume.

In Heroes Eat Well, Jake deals with a mysterious woman and her strange red box. In Janitorial Service, Jake has to clean up a planet in an oddly-familiar scenario. In Haven, Jake has to cope with a greedy mogul and secretive androids.

It’s all in good fun until complications arise…

That's the description of the print volume. The ebook volume, Jake Bonner!, contains those three novellas, plus Expert Assistance, the short stories in the Above Average Jake collection, and the short novel The War Scam. You can find links for both at the Jake Bonner 'verse page at my blog.

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