Writing Stats for January 2017

Another year brings another series of posts about how much I'm writing.

I think due to a little sickness, plus some holiday laziness and a few errands, I didn't write at all the first week of the month. After that the words just flowed. I've had quite a few sessions where I wrote more than the expected 4 pages a session.

That means I wrote 164 pages in January. That's just under 30 pages less that I might have written had I been writing the whole month. In other words, I may have lost a week in days, but I lost less than a week in actual pages written. I'll take that!

I'm close to wrapping up the piece I've been working on. I have another to start on when that's done. In writing the present story I had an idea for another story in this world, though I haven't yet plotted that one out. There's also another story I could continue working on. I think I should be able to keep up a good pace in February. Here's hoping!

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