Writing Stats for December 2014

This is the final post for this year, letting you know how much I'm writing.

This has been a decent month for me, even with the holidays and being out of town for an author fair. This month I wrote 154 pages, so, yes, I did end the year with a good page count

As far as the year goes, I wrote 1,281 pages, which translates to about 320,000 words. I know that's lower than I could have done, all things considered. These monthly posts about my page count tell me that, while there are times when I slack off, I do have to take into account that life sometimes gets in the way of writing. Conventions, minor health matters, and urgent grocery runs do come up and will interfere with writing. I think the best thing for me to do, going forward, is to work to make up for those lost days whenever I can. I know I did some of that in December.

I plan to carry on with these monthly posts in 2015. Here's hoping for more productive days!

Happy New Year!

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