Writing Stats for July 2014

Here's the seventh "writing stats" post of the year, letting you know how my writing output is progressing.

July was pretty steady, once I got back from SoonerCon. I wrote 115 pages this month. That is way down from what I could have written, if I'd stuck to my goals, which would have been 200 pages. I did have some errands get in the way, and I spent the last several days of the month formatting books for this year and next, as well as editing the latest Blue Pistol novel.

Which leads me to August. Right now I don't have any story ideas to work on. I have some vague notions about what to do. In one case, I need to do research before I can even come up with a plot. In the other case, I need to think of story ideas before continuing the series. There are things in real life I'd like to do, like catch up on shows, and head out on some day trips to take pictures.

So I'm going to pause in my writing for a while. I'm going to do research and think of plots, as well as do other things. I expect to be back at writing in a month or two. I will continue putting out work; in fact, I have enough books lined up that I can publish one a month until the end of 2015. I'll try to post my research progress at the end of August, and if I need to do more, in September as well.

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