Soonercon 23

Over the weekend of June 27-29 I attended SoonerCon 23 in Oklahoma City.

Like the past two years, I had a table in the artist alley. This time around I was in a bit of an odd location. I was next to one of the doors to the dealer room. Across from me, a local Star Trek group had brought part of their replica of the original series bridge, namely the Captain's chair and the navigation & helm console. They were allowing people to get their picture taken on their little "set." It was a bit of a distraction for my books, but I was fun to sit across and watch the expressions when attendees saw it and "performed" on it.

As to my book sales, I sold the exact same number of books I did last year, 20. I gave out about two dozen copies of my new flyer, and added several addresses to my email mailing list. I met a few authors, aspiring and otherwise, and was able to talk up Wattpad to them. All in all it was a good con for me.

A couple of other things happened there. One of the guests was voice actress Tiffany Grant. She was a guest at the first Chronicles con in Wichita several years ago. She took part in a writing panel I did with Todd Hunter. I got to see her Sunday at SoonerCon. She vaguely remembered who I was, and we chatted for a bit.

The other thing that happened was that a few people were going around doing video interviews. I took part in all but one of them. You might see me around YouTube and such in the coming weeks. I may mention those on my social media sites if I get links.

No driving diversions on the way home on this trip. I had too much to do when I got back, including write this post.

That's all for now!


  1. Wow, I still remember that con...even though it has been what seems forever ago.

  2. I was the one giving interviews at Sooner Con 23. I need your email address to that I can send you the updates on those projects. Reach me at jeffreybrownsp@gmail.com.