ConQuest 44

Over Memorial Day weekend I returned to Kansas City to attend ConQuest 44.

I had a table in the dealers room again. This time I brought my new literature rack with me. I was in an odd spot, so I don't know how much the rack helped. I do think it was better having it than not. This time I sold 17 books, 4 more than last year.

I was only on 3 panels this year. The one that was the most noteworthy was the "Classic Doctor Who" panel on Saturday. First, though it was 1 in the afternoon, the room was almost full. Two, the other three panelists and I only had time to answer one question from the audience. What was that question? "Tell me about the Doctors so I can get them straight." It took all 55 minutes to answer that question, and even then we hit the Doctors and some of the companions; touched briefly on the junking of episodes and the 1985-6 hiatus; and didn't get to Paul McGann.

This year I was not on the same floor as RoomCon or any other parties. I was at RoomCon Saturday night for a little while, and chatted with a couple of folks. I then went to the Con Suite and chatted with someone else there for a bit. That was about as much partying as I had the energy for.

As it happened, before the con I sold a Jake Bonner novella. The publisher was there, and he chose one of the artists attending to design the cover. I'll have to get some info to the artist about Jake, and get some files to the publisher. I think this might be the first time I did that sort of business work at a con.

Oh, here's the view I had from my hotel room:

I plan to go back next year.

Coming up on my schedule is the Author Extravaganza at Town Crier. I'm excited to be going back after being away for a year or two.

Talk to you soon!

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