ConStellation 4

Over the weekend of April 19-21 I returned to Lincoln, Nebraska to attend ConStellation 4.

I did great. I sold almost three dozen books! Last year I sold 17 books, so I doubled my business. I sold books to people I'd met last year, and to new people. I also handed out all 25 copies of the book brochure I brought with me. I hope everyone who bought a book enjoys it.

Sadly, that was all I did at the con. I missed opening ceremonies so I could have dinner. There were a few panels that I might have attended, but they were held during peak attendance times at the con. I'm reluctant to leave my table at such times, unless I'm actually on a panel. I was able to get to closing ceremonies, so I did do something other than sell books.

Still, I had fun. I was able to see and chat with people I hadn't seen in months, or in a year. That's one of the interesting things about going to cons. You're hanging with people you share interests in. Even if you don't see those people very often, you have a connection with them. You stay connected, even if a long time has passed since you saw them last.

The trip to and from Lincoln was good as well. On the way up I visited a library with the new nonfiction book, and on the way back did the same at a bookstore. It's possible one or both of those visits will lead to book talks.

As far as my schedule goes, I have two book signings coming up the next two weekends. I'm off for a few weeks, then on to ConQuest 44. The next post here will probably be after those two signings. Till then, take care & happy reading!


  1. Had a great time meeting you and looking forward to digging into my new books (but first I have to pry them away from my husband!) Hope to see you out there next year and looking forward to picking up more of your work!