I have a new Blue Pistol novel out, Nobles. Here's what it's about:

"We must have allies in the Domains," Cassia says to Bart. That means convincing members of the nobility that the Slavers Guild cannot be trusted, and the notorious Blue Pistol is no threat to their rule.

To that end, they kidnap Cornelia, the daughter of one Duke. They show her that her father is treating her like a trinket given to curry favor. Will she get the chance to prove her value to cause of ending slavery?

They also send a merchant and a wizard to the realm of Duke Avitus. These newcomers bring a message of freedom. Will Avitus listen to their message, and risk the anger of the Guild?

Nobles is available in print and ebook editions. Here's where you can get it:

Barnes & Noble

Talk to you again soon...

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