The Valley Springs Resort

This month I have two new short ebooks for sale. One of them is the first novella I've put up for sale. It's called The Valley Springs Resort, and here's what it's about:

The Valley Springs Resort is a place on a distant world where visitors can relax and have a good time. You might not think such a place has much of a story. You’d be wrong, which is why you need to go there. From its founding by a lovable eccentric to its sad-yet-funny end, this novella tells the tale of the Valley Springs Resort.

(Boring parts left out to further your enjoyment.)

(Sordid bits left out at our attorney’s insistence.)


This is 99¢, just like the others, and you can find it where you buy ebooks. At Smashwords, it will be FREE until the end of July, as are all my short story ebooks!

Later, dear readers!

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