LISA'S WAY is back!


Lisa's Way, my second novel, is available once again. It has a great new cover by Matt Orsman. I'm pleased to report that I've been able to lower the prices for the print and ebooks versions. If you don't know what the book is about, here's the back-cover blurb:

Teenager Lisa Herbert lives in the small town of Mountain View on the planet Fairfield. The “Savage Rain” decades earlier shut down the hyperspace gate and isolated her world. A casual remark from her sister gets Lisa to ask a simple question: “If life was better before the ‘Savage Rain,’ why couldn’t it be better again?”

That question starts Lisa on a journey. She reactivates Fairfield’s H-gate and travels to three worlds. Each planet offers her a chance to improve life by hard work, by trade, or by making friends. She relies on her brains, her compassion, and a little sneakiness to solve the problems she faces.

Lisa’s Way presents a heroine more interested in reasoning than fighting, and more concerned with doing good than looking good.

The print version is at Amazon; ebook versions are at Amazon and Smashwords. Thanks to SW, ebook versions should also go on sale at the iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, the Sony bookstore, and the Kobo bookstore.

I hope to have news on signings and reviews in the coming months.

Thanks for your support!

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