It's been awhile since I last posted what short story ebooks I've put up, so here's what's new-

Dark Futures -

Always Have, Always Will: Two groups come into conflict on a vacation planet, and people die; why?
First published in “Golden Visions,” Issue Number 4, Oct./Nov./Dec. 2008.

Frozen Rock: A group is heading west after an economic collapse has brought down civilization. They encounter a band of Native Americans and a mysterious white man, Frozen Rock. Why is he with them? Does he have something to hide?
First published in “Conzine,” December, 1993.

Also available are a pair of new Frigate Victory stories-

Legal Escalation: The Terran Federal Republic frigate Victory finds a civilian ship where it shouldn’t be. The resulting investigation uncovers drug traffickers. Is Captain Ayers and his crew facing a new danger?
First published in “Star Anthology,” Volume 1, Number 2, December 1997.

Frontier Justice: “Sounds like something out of an ancient movie.” That’s what Captain Ayers says when he learns that ranchers are fighting settlers on the colony planet of Cimarron. Can he keep the conflict from turning violent?
First published in “The Fifth Di...,” Edition 4, Number 4, August 2002.

I hope you're interested in them. See you next week!

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