Defender Number 6

The sixth Defender tale, The Curse of Ironwood, is now available; here's what it's about:

Allan and Nancy want to find more ancient magical artifacts, as part of their roles as “The Defender” and “The Moon Spirit.”

The trail leads them to the dukedoms of Stonebridge and Ironwood, which are suffering under a few years of poor harvests. Allan’s knowledge of magic leads him to discover dark magic at work in the ground around Ironwood.

Can Allan and Nancy uncover the truth about this dark magic? What will they learn about the history of their land as they search for the source of Ironwood’s “cursed” soil?

The ebook is on sale at the usual stores; please check the Defender page for links. The price for the ebook is $2.99, and I've lowered the price of the other titles to $2.99 as well.

Con season is just about to start for me so, yes, you can buy the ebook from me if you see me, along with all my other ebook and print works.

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