Frigate Victory: Seven Under Dispute

I have a new Frigate Victory collection available, Seven Under Dispute. Here's what it's about:

Captain Jason Ayers and his crew return in three new “Frigate Victory” science fiction short stories and two new novellas.

Ayers’ crew has to deal with new problems, including settling a dispute between two alien races. Both races claim seven planets lying on their border, with one planet settled by both races. The question Ayers and his friends have to answer is this: what’s in the best interests of those living on the “Seven Under Dispute?”

Other stories in this collection tell of the hunt for con artists, a crash investigation, and what the ruins of an ancient machine can tell about a long-dead civilization. If you enjoyed the first two “Frigate Victory” collections, you’ll want to get “Volume 3: Seven Under Dispute.

The collection is available right now at Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords, in print and ebook editions. It should be elsewhere soon.

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