No Easy Futures

I have a new short story collection out, No Easy Futures ---

This is a collection of stories that will make you think about yourself and the choices you make. There are few simple solutions to the problems raised in these pieces. Still, the characters try to overcome the best they can. Among the stories included are:

The Last Medal Winner: Reporter Vivian Ferris speaks to a war widow, who tells him that her late husband never received the medal he was awarded. Can Ferris find justice for the deceased in a time of peace?

Quincy Darby’s Discovery: Quincy Darby has learned that history can be altered. This might end the time travel that society relies on. After announcing his discovery he’s accused of murder. Can he prove his innocence?

Black: A newsman is told than an old friend, a lawman, was killed while committing a crime on a colony planet. The friend was no crook, and the newsman is suspicious. He travels to the planet to learn what happened and why.

This collection is available in print and ebook editions. I hope you'll check it out.

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