Jake Bonner shorts

I put out a few short stories featuring Jake Bonner, one of the heroes of Expert Assistance, earlier this year. Those stories are (latest to earliest):

Above Average Jake: Jake Bonner is approached by a senior executive at Interstellar Minerals. The planet of Monument is mineral-rich and lawless. The lack of authority is endangering IM crews picking up ore, and seems to have allowed some sort of smuggling operation to take root. Jake is asked to go to Monument and clean up the town. Will his wits and his cool ship be enough to keep him alive as the planet’s only lawman?

Seeking TroubleJake Bonner heads to Breton system to look for work to keep busy. He’s intercepted by the local law and meets a woman named Nina. She claims to be a telepath, helping the local authorities find criminals. She tells Jake she wants to get away from her boss. Jake also meets a girl named Ella who tells him that the authorities are paying more attention to travelers than their own people. Can Jake sort out who’s telling the truth? Will he ever get a moment’s peace?

Criminal MastermindsJake Bonner is hired by a professor to help him survey a solar system. The professor isn’t worried that he doesn’t know who hired him to conduct the survey. Jake’s ship is fired on, the professor turns up missing, and Jake tangles with criminals and corporate drones. Another job, another series of annoyances to be resolved.

All of these short stories sell for 99¢. You can find them where ebooks are sold. Another novella featuring Jake should be out this summer!

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