June Short Story Ebooks

This month I've made available two pairs of Gwen Conner fantasy/mysteries. Pair number one:

A Lady Never Knows:  A police officer asks Gwen Conner to deliver a ransom to kidnappers. Can magic help Gwen avoid danger when she meets the kidnappers?

Gwen Defends A Creek: A small-town mayor hires Gwen for an unusual job. He wants trespassing fishermen kept away from a creek and harming the chances of the town's new recreation area. Can Gwen and her brother use magic to keep the trespassers away?

Pair number two:

Gwen the Sleuth: While visiting a friend in another town, Gwen Conner gets involved in a murder at the home of a newspaper columnist. The problem is, the columnist had magic protecting his house. How could someone with hostile intent get in?

Cane and the Con: Gwen is hired by an insurance company to investigate a suspicious death claim. The stubby fields of sugar cane around the “dead man’s” hometown figure into the mystery. Can Gwen make everyone happy?

You can find both pairs of stories at Amazon and Smashwords. Both sell for 99¢. Yes, a Gwen Conner collection is coming soon.

Oh, there's also a freebie at Smashwords: The Best Days.

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