Short Story Ebooks!

I have more short story ebooks on sale!

The “Affair” of the Love Letters: A woman who once loved an up-and-coming politician asks for Gwen Conner’s help. Someone is trying to get the letters he wrote to the woman, and doesn’t want to take “no” for an answer.

Protection for a New AgeFour friends are asked to recover a strange object from an ancient ruin. One of them finds she can read a book of magic spells, and knows the history of the object they find. Could the legends of mighty wizards be true?

Explaining the Confession: Gwen Conner is approached by a friend on the police force. A child had gone missing and a couple confessed to her murder. The child has turned up safe, but the couple are still claiming guilt. Can Gwen find out why they’re behaving so strangely?

The Musical Bracelet: A wealthy man hires Gwen to recover a magical bracelet he’d given to his mistress. As she gets closer to the thief, Gwen learns about the dangers of casting intricate spells.

(Explaining the Confession & The Musical Bracelet are offered together.)

Solemn DutyCaptain Ayers presides over the trial of an officer accused of murdering pirates after they had surrendered. Something about case troubles him. What is it, and how will it cause him to vote on the officer’s guilt?

You can get these at Amazon and Smashwords, and at other ebook retailers, along with all the other short story ebooks I've released.

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